We need Change, for real

Well this is my initial post. I’m pretty much here to vent. Vent about our corrupt system, corrupt business culture, corrupt environment. Let’s face it- Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by corruption. We are beaten down by it, we try to function without it, only to be punished for not playing along with it. We need real change. We need it now. It starts with dissent. Welcome aboard.

As I can find the time, I will be addressing topics that range from politics, environment, civil rights, and world issues; putting my opinions on what’s currently wrong and how things should be fixed.

I’m not a democrat or republican anymore, as I believe they are both wings of the same bird, belonging to the “money party” or at least being owned and controlled by the 1% ‘ers. And yes, I’m a firm OWS endorser. That was the beginning of something great and the first time in my life that I’ve felt it was possible to have a new civil movement. Things have obviously changed since the breakup of the OWS camps, but I don’t believe it’s over- as I said, I think that was the beginning.

Thanks for reading, and keep a lookout for new posts!


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